Artist : Vandana Mengane

Mystical Elements - Golden Leaf

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  • 定價 TWD 18,000

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標題: 金色葉子, 藝術家姓名: Vandana Mengane


系列:神秘元素 ,  脈輪顏色:綠色(心形/阿那哈塔脈輪)

框架尺寸: 44 釐米 X 44 釐米 , 介質:混合介質

Title: Golden Leaf, Artist name: Vandana Mengane

Golden Leaf is a symbol of purity, health and spiritual goodness. It is believed that many deities reside in the Leaf. It is also believed that leaves of the Cosmic Tree represent all the beings in the universe.

Color of chakra: Green (Heart/Anahata Chakra)

Size of Frame: 44 cm X 44 cm Medium: Mixed media