Artist : Vandana Mengane

Mystical Elements - Breathe

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標題: 呼吸, 藝術家姓名: Vandana Mengane


系列:神秘元素 ;  脈輪顏色:紅色(根/穆拉達拉脈輪)

框架尺寸: 44 釐米 X 44 釐米 ;  介質:混合介質


Title: Breathe, Artist name: Vandana Mengane

Breathe, this ancient symbol is a beautiful reminder that breathe is the first thing we do when we come in this world, and the last thing that we do when we leave.

Series: Mystical Elements, Color of chakra:  Red (Root /Muladhara Chakra)

Size of Frame: 44 cm X 44 cm, Medium: Mixed media