Artist : Vandana Mengane

Kurma – The Turtle

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標題: - Kurma-,藝術家姓名:Vandana Mengane

Kurma, 龜 代表毗濕奴神的第二個化身。它是上帝、神性或至高無上的自我在地上體現的"表像"或"顯現

Kurma是毗濕奴的形態。根據Puranas傳說,在創世紀初,攪動乳海之際, 他在貝殼上平衡曼達拉山,以協助神靈和惡魔在攪動過程中。他也被認為支撐著他背上宇宙的重量。


系列:進入印度的洞穴。尺寸:42 釐米 x 42 釐米。材料:混合介質。

Title: - Kurma – The Turtle, Artist name: Vandana Mengane

Kurma – The Turtle represents second Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Kurma is the tortoise form of Vishnu. According to story in Purana, During the churning of the ocean , he balances Mount Mandara on his shell to assist the gods and the demons in the churning process. He is also believed to have supported the weight of the cosmos on his back.

Modern Science: Fish finally evolved out of water became Reptiles (with legs to be accurate). The examples is tortoise which can sustain on the land and water both.

Series: INTO THE CAVES OF INDIA, Size: 42cm x 42cm, Material: Mixed media.